That IKEA X Virgil Abloh Rug Will Finally Be Available In Australia This Year

If I could nail down THE home item coveted by ~the youth~ across the globe of 2018, my money would be on the IKEA X Virgil Abloh “Keep Off” rug.

[jwplayer OSI7nVql]

The rug was teased in late 2017, so most of last year was spent waiting for the anticipated collab to finally drop in stores. I’d honestly lost hope, but today I can tell you that yes, the collab WILL hit Aussie stores. It’s a bit more complicated than that, though.

The “Keep Off” rug is part of IKEA’s 2019 Art Event – a short-term collection and the fifth of it’s kind. The collection drops in May, but to own the “Keep Off” rug you’ll have to become an IKEA Family member, and then enter a ballot. Successful ballot entries will be able to purchase the rug. Such is the hype, I guess!

There’s one other way to nab yourself one of the coveted rugs – in fact, you can be the first Aussie to get your hands on one, and for FREE. All you have to do is register and then attend one of IKEA’s SÖMN [Sleep] Studio’s in Bondi next Thursday 28 March 2019. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll collect one of the Abloh rugs – the first in Australia.

Otherwise, you could just pick up one of the other Art Event rugs – there’s 8 creative geniuses involved in the products, and the range “mashes-up tapestry art, rug handicraft, avant-garde fashion, street culture and modern design”. So we’re thinking all the rugs will be just as epic as Abloh’s, tbh.