IKEA’s Recreated Iconic TV Show Lounge Rooms Using Stuff From Their Stores

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t wish their lounge room looked like the iconic NYC dream that was the Friends set? And OK, maybe we don’t wish we had the creepy living room situation from Stranger Things, but it is still extremely satisfying to see it set up IRL – which is exactly what IKEA has done, using their own damn product no less.

[jwplayer gu6BIrcx]

Behold, Stranger Things IKEA-style.

Pretty impressive, no? There’s even a pic which shows all the IKEA product if, you know, you’re unhinged and actually want to paint letters on your wall and live like this.

Moving on to something slightly more realistic, the Friends lounge – it’s a little dated but still totally works if you’re a Phoebe, IMO.

And here’s all the stuff to cop if you want to re-create yourself.

While the images are only on the United Arab Emirates site, the products (for the most part) are available in Oz. For example, here’s The Simpsons lounge room:

And here’s the actual couch, albeit in a darker chocolate hue.


I mean, it really does look like the couch from the Simpson house, no?