IKEA’s Starting Its Massive Clearance Sale This Week & It’s FILLAN Us With Flatpack Joy

It’s time to respectfully donate and/or recycle everything in your house so you can rebrand for the new year, because IKEA has announced its doing a big ol’ clearance sale, right in front of the holidays.

[jwplayer OSI7nVql]

Kicking off on Thursday, December 19, hundreds of products across the flatpack kingdom will be on sale – with some things up to 50% off – so if you’ve been dreaming about getting something like a new mattress (you know you should, you filth bag), you’re in for a real treat.

It’s also absolutely a good reason to go through your manky bedding and get some new stuff as well. God knows how long its been since you’ve done that. Turn those old-ass sheets into cleaning rags and treat yourself to some new gear for Christmas. You deserve it, your house deserves it.

If you’re keen to brave the absolute chaos that would be an IKEA store mere weeks away from Christmas, it’s also a very good chance to do some wallet-friendly present shopping. Surely there’s someone in your life who would benefit from like, a whole bunch of storage boxes, right? Maybe a lamp or three? Someone having a baby? Buy like 20 babby changing mats for $5.99 a pop. Can never have too many of those.

L A M P (for $49)

The best deal is probably the mattress, though. A full queen-sized HÖVÅG pocket-sprung mattress for $199? Bloody laughing, mate. You’d be mad not to.

IKEA’s massive clearance sale kicks off on Dec 19 and runs through until January 6, there’s not a much better reason to nip down for a $1 hotdog (important) and spend all your Christmas money on some new Swedish furniture.