Happy Monday to this gigantic fern that has taken over a Twitter user’s house, and to this gigantic fern ONLY.

Riley (@riley909090) took to Twitter to share a series of images of what was described as a “large” fern.

You’d be forgiven for expecting this to be the kind of fern that takes up a medium-sized pot and is probably big enough not to look weird if it’s just sat on the floor, rather than on some sort of raised surface.

But no, this fern is LARGE.

Like, takes-up-the-whole-boot-of-your-car large.

Looks ridiculously oversized no matter where you put it, large.

The monstrous beast, which I can only assume is the new alpha male of this household, was an absolute steal. Riley paid just $40 for the plant from an elderly couple, who also chucked in a jar of homemade honey.

At this point, this is the fern’s house and Riley is just living in it.

Honestly, it’s the fern’s world.

Riley also pointed out that the fern is so big that “it has an incredibly frightening aura”, which is simply the vibe we must all aim for.

In less than 24 hours the post has amassed an astronomical 322,000 likes and 36,000 retweets. The plant is a fully-fledged internet celebrity at this point.

Obviously, the replies were incredible.

Who needs a fur-child when you can have a fern-child that is literally bigger than most human children? I didn’t know I needed a giant fern in my house, but I most-certainly do.

Gimme gimme gimme.