Aldi Is Flogging Cheap Appliances If Your Shithouse Fridge Needs Replacing

Aldi‘s selling a stack of appliances for just $300 from Saturday November 24, and you should probably take this opportunity to finally kit out your sharehouse.

If your fridge is on its last legs, if you’re constantly bringing dirty laundry over to your mums because you don’t own a washing machine ($299), if you’re the type of people who just don’t own a vacuum cleaner ($44.99), you could get a reliable new Aldi one for a fraction of the price of something you’d pick up at like Harvey Norman. Or get like one of those groovy Robot ones zipping around your house for $199.

Did your old roomie take the microwave with them when they moved out? Replace it with a two-litre Aldi one for $49.99.

This is no joke. This whole Special Buys thing until stocks last is the perfect justification for finally buying yourself a dedicated beer fridge for $149. A fridge, just for bevs. Freeing up your big fridge to actually have groceries in it.

I once knew a sharehouse with six people living in it that had two fridges, two of them. Your flatmate making a massive batch of homemade jam would not stop you from being able to stash your meal prep if you had two fridges, and Aldi’s slinging ’em out for $299.

If you’ve got a little extra cash, do summer you a favour and splash out on the $599 air-conditioner. In like a week it is suddenly going to be 40 degrees every day and you’ll be incredibly thankful.

As part of the deal from Saturday they’ve also got everything you need to become a backyard BBQer over summer – including the $299 Hooded BBQ itself, and the fanciest esky we have ever seen in our lives, a Portable Fridge Freezer for $599.