If you’re some Game Of Thrones superfan, and you have a bunch of spare cash just hiding under your mattress or something – get excited.

As reported by SMHof the castles used during filming – Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland, which was the stand-in for Riverrun, which you might remember from um… THE RED WEDDING? Anyway, it’s being partially converted into apartments, and they’re up for grabs.

Each apartment (there are six being created, each with three to five bedrooms) will set you back around$880k Aussie buckeroonies and above, which is not fucking much when you think about house prices in our major cities.

Credit: Maisonni

The sad news is the apartments don’t have central heating, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but hoo boy, an Irish winter without central heating? Enjoy the frostbite, suckers.

Credit: Maisonni

Riverrun was the home of Caitlin Stark and House Tully, before it was taken over by Walder Frey. IRL, it’s a mid-1800’s building with Norman Revival style, and even operated as a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War, which means it’s abso-fucking-lutely haunted.

So enjoy those ghosties, future apartment buyers.

Source: SMH
Image: Maisonni