You Can Buy Frank Lloyd Wright’s Final Ever Modernist Triumph For $4M

When it comes to iconic architects of the early 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright is up there.

The American architect/interior designer/writer designed over 1,000 structures across 70 years.

He designed New York‘s Guggenheim and incredible private residences like Fallingwater and Robie House.

Heralded a visionary, his work continues to serve as the bedrock upon which much of modernist architecture is built.

And now, his final ever residential project Norman Lykes Home in Phoenix, Arizona, is up for sale.

The house boasts 180-degree views across a sprawling valley, and features three bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a generously-sized living room, media room, two offices and a pool. ‘Cos it wouldn’t be a genuine piece of ‘Murica without a pool, right?

The curved modernist building, designed shortly before Wright’s death in 1959, is on the market for a little over AUD$4 million.

A small price to pay for a piece of fastidiously-designed history, really.