Here’s A Bed That’ll Keep Your Partner On Their Fucking Side For A Change

If your partner is an overzealous sleeper who takes up more than their fair share of the bed, Ford has an invention that’ll sort that shit right out. It’s called the Lane-Keeping bed and it automatically adjusts ita mattress to keep space-hoggers on their side of your bedroom’s designated sleeping zone.

[jwplayer UxqEVI8R]

Using the same technology Ford uses to keep cars in their lanes, the prototype has built-in sensors which pick up on when your partner makes a sneaky play for more territory. Using a conveyor belt, the bed will then automatically adjust its position, putting them back to their rightful place on the other side of the damn bed.

You can see it in action in the video below.

How bloody good is that? Of course, it’s just a prototype for now, but I’d wager this could save a lot of marriages if it were put into mass production. Sleep wars are real and damaging.

Ford’s no stranger to slightly whacky but incredibly useful inventions, either. In 2017, the company made a prototype for a cot that replicates car rides to put restless babies to sleep. Unreal.

I’d absolutely give one of these a go, although, it would have to have the same level of comfort a normal bed does. Given you’re running a full-blown mattress conveyor belt, it must be pretty thin under there.

But hey, if it’s anything like sleeping on my current Koala mattress: givvus.