This Melb Florist Is Delivering Mini Xmas Trees So Your Short Mates Can Finally Do The Star

mini christmas trees

FLOX Botanical, the very same people behind Melbourne’s DIY flower boxes, will be delivering mini Christmas trees to your doors this year.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out FLOX yet, the family business is dedicated to delivering the freshest flowers to your door. But this isn’t your average bouquet company – no, because FLOX lets you assemble the flowers yourself. It’s a real wholesome DIY activity that could put a smile on anyone’s face.

As an aside, FLOX sent me a box earlier this year, which my mum immediately hijacked before I could even take a picture of it. I can absolutely confirm that she loved it though, she posted pictures of her bouquet everywhere.

Anywho, to celebrate the festive season, FLOX has added mini Christmas trees to its online store. Delivering free from December 1, the tree measures at approximately one metre high. It comes delivered in a bespoke box, complete with a 250 millimetre pot and baubles!

This is a live Christmas tree, by the way, which makes it all the more better.

It’s so cute!

The Christmas tree is yours for $69.95, it really is the perfect purchase / gift for those of us living in studio apartments or dorms, far away from home.

If this is your first time coming across FLOX, it’s basically a flatpack bouquet business.

FLOX selects freshly cut flowers from local Melbourne sources, carefully hand-packs them into a box, and then ships it straight to your door. The type of flowers will depend on availability and the season, but you can also hit up the team first to see what flowers are on offer. All the instructions – everything you need to know – is printed on the inside of the box. It’s super simple and you’ll be on your way in no time.

If you want to add a little something extra, FLOX has teamed up with Jansz Tasmania for an absolutely divine package. For $69.95, you can send your mate some stunning flowers and bubbly. What’s not to love?

And for followers of FLOX, I’m happy to report the team has (finally) put its much adored signature vase on digital shelves as well.

This baby is all over FLOX’s social channels, and is available for purchase with a FLOX box. We love a package deal.

A FLOX box and vase will set you back $69.90, you can learn more about it right here.