10 Things We Found On Amazon That Just Make Sense *Italian Pinchy Hand*

Amazon Australia
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If you can already hear Che La Luna, you probably watch waaaaaaaaay too much TikTok (lol, me). But also, welcome! You’re officially my people, and this yarn is 100% for you. Have you been getting served these TikToks of people showing you things in their lives that just make sense, and each one you watch just gets more and more relatable? Well, this is like that only you can shop it. Introducing: Things I found on Amazon Australia that just fucking make sense.

There’s no theme, categories, rhyme or reason to my selections. It’s really just a bunch of cool shit that are either best-sellers on Amazon Australia (or should be IMO) that I’ve found and immediately screamed ‘take my money!’ before aggressively throwing my debit card at the screen for ~dramatic effect~.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Things we found on Amazon Australia that just make sense

First up, a Neck Fan

Amazon australia

Jisulife Neck Fan, $55.99

If you’re a regular PTV reader, you’ve probably already read my musing on the humble neck fan. I brought one just before the Aussie summer really kicked off, and it’s been a godsend for those hot summer days working from home.

Keyboard Cleaning Gel

Amazon australia

Keyboard Cleaning Gel, $16.95

Ah, we’re all guilty of getting crumbies in our keyboard. This cleaning goo from Amazon has been an absolute game changer, and it gets in all those little gaps and cavities that you can’t otherwise reach and won’t harm your electronics while you use it.

This epic french fry cup holder for your car with a matching sauce holder

French Fry Cup Holder for Car, $21.99

This french fry holder makes an unholy amount of sense to me. The fact that it also comes with a matching sauce holder is also just *chef’s kisses!*

These Wolverine Style Meat Shredder Claws

Amazon australia

CDBOVID Meat Shredder Claws, $22.99

Sure these look like some kind of murder weapon, but after finding them on Amazon, I came to the realisation that I need them in my kitchen — pulled pork tacos? Coming right up.

This 4-in-1 ~cheese chopper~

4-in-1 cheese chopper, $73.55

Can you believe this exists and you didn’t know about it?! I mean, you can store your block of cheese in it AND use it to grate or slice cheese. I don’t know why, but this thrills me. Even just the name of it brings me joy ~cheese chopper~.

A Tongue Scraper

Amazon australia

Tbh, I didn’t even know these were a thing until my colleague gave them a whirl and wouldn’t stop raving about them. They’re hella good for your oral hygiene, and they’re kinda fun to use — in the same kinda way that it’s fun to pop pimples (read: gross yet satisfying).

Baking paper for your air fryer

Air Fryer Parchment Paper, $15.99

Yes, baking paper for your air fryer does exist, and you absolutely need some if you’re sick of your delicious morsels of food getting stuck to the frying tub every time you use it.

This Food Slicer Holder

Food Slicer Holder, $7.99

The minute I found this bad boy, I knew it would change some lives. Never be afraid of chopping your finger off ever again.

These pushbuttons for your jeans

Jean Button Pins, $7.99

I stumbled upon these little babies when I was scrolling through TikTok. They’re a no muss, no fuss way of tightening your jeans without having to visit a seamstress. Thank you, Amazon Australia.

This Bougie Wine Cooler

Amazon australia

Huski Wine Cooler, $84.99

Raise your hand if you love a good drop? If you currently have your hand in the air, this one’s for you. This Huski wine cooler will keep your bottle cool for up to six hours and fits most wine and champagne bottles. Plus, it’ll look bougie AF on your table while you’re entertaining and won’t drip all over everything.

They also do one for beers if that tickles ya fancy, too.