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Sometimes, when it all gets too much, you just wanna lay down and surrender to the deafening dread of this humdrum life. Sure you could retreat to a quiet corner and assume the foetal position, or you could bust out one of these pool floats and have at it.

You’re probably wondering, ‘why would I want to ponder my existence on a pool float?’. The answer is simple. It’s physically impossible to be sad on a giant flotation device – especially when they’re whimsically shaped like a pineapple or a sausage dog.

With summer ready to blast us with its final rays (remember to wear sunscreen pals) there’s no better time to soak it all in. Plus, the pool is the perfect catching place for all your tears. Sail away, friends.

Inflatable Sausage Dog, $79 

There are no words. Simply masterful – would float 10/10.

Giant Rainbow Cloud Float, $37 

Let’s start with this relaxing HUMAN SIZED RAINBOW. Imagine flopping down on this guy and anchoring yourself to the shady spot in the pool by leaning your foot on the pool edge.

Tiger Pool Float, $89.70 

Getting major Carole Baskin vibes from this bad boy.

Pineapple Float, $23.22

You absolutely cannot be sad when you have a huge inflatable pineapple by your side. You may go blind from brightness, though.

Giant Inflatable Swan, $48.43 

Yes, the swan inflatable has been around forever and you might even own one. But has yours got this delicious PEARL SHEEN? No it hasn’t. This one is better and you need a second.

Avocado Float, $34.22 

Can’t afford a house but can afford this avo float – we’ll gladly see out the rest of our living days on this pool float.

Glitter Rubber Ring, $40.97 

Look at all that festive glitter! It’s like the pool version of those melty glitter phone cases.

Echidna Swim Ring, $24.95

An homage to the beloved Australian echidna. Utterly delightful.

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Image: The OC