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Hands down one of the best things about the end of the year are all the people out there who go absolutely boonta with the Christmas lights on their houses. There’s nothing I love more than crawling around the streets in my car after sunset, trying to track down the most fucken wild displays that I personally will never afford to create, let alone run.

Inflatable Santas, animatronic reindeer, teeny tiny snowy towns, twinkling lights, lights synced up to music, someone handing out candy canes (or a socially-distanced bucket of sugar, for this year) – I love it all. Give it to me, and let me stare in wonder at all the shiny, flashy things like some kind of moth to a flame.

Thankfully, instead of blindly rolling around the suburbs trying to track down the big glittering lights of someone’s absurdly huge power bill, there’s a very handy crowdsourced map that pinpoints the location of every lit-up house worth having a gander at.

The Christmas Light Search map is up and running again for another year, with details right down to the times they’ll be flipping the switch on and off so here’s all the best one to clap your peepers on across Australia.

Carlingford Circuit, Warner QLD

From now until December 25th, the Cleetus family will be chucking on their huge light display between 6pm and 9pm. This year they’re raising money for Orange Sky Australia, an initiative that connects and supports homeless Australians through laundry and shower services.

[Image: Cleetus Family Christmas Lights]

Langford Avenue, Langford WA

Tiny town display. I repeat; TINY TOWN DISPLAY.


Knightsbridge Avenue, Altona Meadows VIC

Lit up like the backside of a glow worm, this absolute heater over in Altona Meadows in Melbourne’s south-western suburbs looks like you’d be able to see it from space. Plus it has a walk-in display so you can get right in the thick of it (responsibly).


Dickson Avenue, Mount Warrigal NSW

This one has the bloody Luna Park face AND the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Fucken hell what a pearler.


Beckingham Parkway, Baldivis WA

It might look pretty simple, but this one’s all synced up to music on a literal radio station that you can tune into from your car. I love it.


Coleman Avenue, Kew East VIC

80,000 Christmas lights. EIGHTY. THOUSAND. CHRISTMAS. LIGHTS.

Only in Kew.

Rothschild Street, Woodcroft SA

Good lord this one is a castle. A castle. A Christmas castle. A Christmas castle where you can tune into something called Elf FM and hear the music it’s all set to. Interesting that the borders are open again because now I am very tempted to drive to South Aus just to see this.


Get in the car binch, we’re going Chrissy light hunting.

Image: The Grinch / Universal Pictures