This New Range Of Wine Bottles Won’t Break If You Drop ‘Em & That Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize

Y’know how in rom coms the lead character is always ridiculously hot and perfect except for the fact that they’re ~clumsy~? I think it’s because they’re trying to make hot people relatable. As a hot and tragically clumsy person myself, I can relate to the struggle of being an otherwise perfect klutz.

My fellow clumsy hotties, I have some fabulous news for you.

Banrock Station is teaming up with Packamama to bring you Australia’s first eco-flat wine bottles. This bottle is made with 100% recycled PET plastic. Plastic, you say? Well that ain’t gonna break if I drop it now is it! The future is here!

These wine bottles are not just excellent news for us clumsy babes, but it’s fab news for the environment as well. They are totally recyclable in any kerbside recycling bin – once you enjoy them, of course. They’re 84% lighter than a regular wine bottle (which is helpful for me as a teeny weakling) and have a significantly reduced carbon footprint to boot.

That’s noice. 

They’re also super easy to store and perfect for glass-free events.

Banrock Station has a long history of environmental conservation, spanning 25 years and over six million dollarydoos spent on eco-projects around the world. Iconic behaviour.

And for our Sydney-based hunnies, the good news keeps coming.

Order a pizza from Arthur’s Pizza in Randwick, Maroubra or Paddington between the 15th – 25th August to receive a bonus eco-flat bottle of Banrock Station Pinot Noir. The offer is available for pick-up or delivery, and all you gotta do is head to to place an order and suss out all the T&Cs. If you’re not Sydney based, they’ll also be available at Liquorland and First Choice Liquor nationwide.


A match made in heaven, TBH. 

Nothin’ warms up a chilly winter’s night like a pizza and pinot combo. Get on it.

Don’t drink alcohol ’til you’re over 18 and do it responsibly, please!