Here’s How You Can Turn Ya Shitty Sharehouse Into A Bougie Smart Home On The Cheap

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I used to watch those movies growing up — the ones where the main kid character would always, without fail, have one of those massive fuck off four-poster beds with the curtains drawn to either side. Then, just to rub salt in the wound, they’d also pick up a little remote by their bedside, and with the click of a button, open their blinds, turn their lights on, then yawn a dramatic yawn and fling themselves out of bed.

While fun to watch, it honestly gave me a complex because from that point forward, my eight-year old ass lusted after a novelty secret button that would do just that. Fast-forward 15 years and I can have it, well, kinda. Turning your apartment into a bougie smart home isn’t just for the rich and famous — even your shitty lil’ sharehouse can become a smart home these days.

“How?” I hear you ask, young grasshopper. All you have to do is get yourself an Amazon Alexa. This baddie starts from just $59 (exclusive of other smart home accessories) and you can literally use it to upgrade your home in seconds. Fkn sick, right?


Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), $59

From turning your lights and standby appliances off via voice command (or remotely) — which actually might save ya some dosh on your next electricity bill — to being able to check if your straightener is turned off without having to double back once you’ve left the house, it’s the way of the future, peeps.

I also read that you can connect it up to a smart camera to check if your deliveries have come, which is a win (!!!!) for my fellow girlies who love a Depop haul.

So, what do you need to get started and kit out your digs on the cheap? I’ve got ya the cost breakdown.

You’ll need:

That’s a total of just over $200 to live like a queeeeen, bitch. Interested? Head here to start your smart home journey (and heal that inner child who wanted to turn their light off from bed), stat.