If you need to clean your floors but you’d rather shit in your hands and clap than drop your hard earned cash on a vacuum cleaner, you’re in luck because Aldi is slinging a $99 handstick dupe in their beloved Special Buys.

Hitting shelves on February 5 (mark your calendars), the cordless stick vacuum is just $99, and fans are claiming it’s a cheapo alternative to the Dyson Handstick ($399).

Who doesn’t love a quality dupe?

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the glorious treasure trove that is the Aldi Special Buys catalogue, it’s a wonderful place filled with all sorts of random bargains. In addition to a whole heap of shit you don’t need (like inflatable bubble suits), the Special Buys often include random useful bargains like cheap vacuums or Thermomix dupes.

And the Aldi gods have truly blessed us this time.

In addition to the vacuum, the set also comes with three different attachments and a wall mount.

There’s no word of how the two compare on power, and unfortunately, you only get 20 minutes of run time, compared to a full half-hour with the Dyson. This means you might not get your whole house cleaned in a single charge, but who actually wants to spend more than 20 minutes of their life vacuuming? Not me.

Like previous Aldi Special Buy gems like the Thermomix dupe last August, this one is expected to fly off the shelves, so maybe you’re sick on February 5.

If you’re sorted in the vacuum department, they’re also selling a string of other cleaning products like a handheld steam cleaner, a carpet cleaner and a power mop set.

Honestly, for a couple of hundred dollars you could actually convince people you’re a clean human being who doesn’t live in a cess pit.

For the very reasonable price of $99 and the pain of standing in line at Aldi during a special buy, you could be the proud new owner of a vacuum. Talk about a bargain, baby.

Image: Aldi