Aldi Special Buys are a thing of legend. People legit queue up for the random items Aldi flogs in limited edition runs – and for good reason. You could score a Dyson for cheap, for example. Some epic ski gear for a fraction of rental costs.

Or, this month, some luxe-looking homeware stuff to make your dreary apartment look like you make more than 50k a year?

The Special Buys collection is called Style Your Room, and drops in Aldi stores this coming Wednesday, 5th September.

They’re stocking a bunch of siq stuff that looks way pricier than it actually will be (prices aren’t released yet, but come on – it’s Special Buys). Like the linen above, and this epic velvet chair:

Maybe you need some bath towels?

500 thread count cotton sheets, anyone?



A rug to replace the one the cat peed on?

If you want in, you’d better hightail it down to your local right on opening time – Special Buys don’t stick around for long.