I wouldn’t say I’m a hard-core crystal enthusiast, but I do dabble in the mystical powers of crystals and chakra shit and astrology, etc. So when I spotted these wellness sprays from Aussie brand Yes Queen, I was intrigued.

The brand itself is interesting – founded by Sarah & Mike Fitz, the purpose is to bring kindness to workplaces and the website is a hub of positive-energy articles and advice. But they also have a shop, which is where I stumbled across their three phenomenal wellness sprays.

There are three mists in the range, each targeting a different issue. Bye Felicia! is designed to “ward off low vibes and negative energy”, using sage, frankincense, palo santo, and bergamot to cleanse your aura, supposedly. Plus a lil’ black tourmaline!

Whatever, it smells fucking amazing – even if you don’t buy into this stuff, it’s delish.

Then there’s High Freq, my favourite – I’ve been spritzing it all day because who doesn’t want to “vibrate at a higher frequency, attracting more love and cosmic abundance”? It’s got rose, orange, and palo santo in the mix, as well as a teeny rose quartz, my favourite crystal.

Finally, there’s Nama-Slay, which is for the “ascended go-getter”.

This one has a strange use – it’s meant to “call in ‘namaste’ yet ‘killin it’ vibes”. It seems to mean a calming effect with inner strength, and is suggested for use before pilates or yoga. It’s got lavender, peppermint, rosemary and palo santo as well as an amethyst crystal in it, so would also work before bed I reckon.

Anyway – say what you will about wellness stuff, I enjoy it. If you’re keen for your own mists, hit up Yes Queen here.