WIN: Show Us Your Speedy 30-Second Workout To Cop $5K In Cold Hard Dollarydoos

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I could make millions from my own at-home workout DVD if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not famous and DVDs haven’t been cool since 2008”? Multiple, I’m sure.

And while you’re unlikely to earn enough to buy a modest apartment on the outskirts of Sydney, you still have the chance to win a cool $5K just for sharing your own workout hacks.

Like many others who are hellbent on bettering themselves while they’re stuck inside, there’s a strong possibility you’ve discovered how to squeeze in a spot of exercise between your daily tasks. Whether that’s doing butt clenches while you type an email, or partaking in a quickfire round of pilates on your lunch break, I’m sure there are hacks floating around all over the place.

So, to promote that whole healthy bod/healthy mind/healthy iso lifestyle, we’re challenging all of you to share a video of your own workout hack (using household objects or just your own bod) while you wait for your healthy-ass meal to cook in the microwave.

It’s easy peasy, butt-cheek squeezy:

  1. Film yourself doing your best isolation workout (30 secs is plenty)
  2. Upload the video below OR to your Instagram with the tags Pedestrian TV, McCain_au and #micromoments
  3. Wait for the accolades to roll in

Show Us Yr Most Creative Lunchtime Workouts To Win $5k

From there, we’ll select the best hack video and sling you five thousand smackaroos to spend on whatever you please, judgement-free.

Wanna buy a bouncy castle? Go for it. You’ve earnt it.


This competition has now ended as of 30th June 2020.
Winner: @rainbowrach257