WATCH: Nike Drops ‘Margot vs Lily’, An OG Series From ‘Girls’ Director

The brand you’re most likely wearing on your feet right now, Nike, has partnered up with to treat you all to a weekly wrap-up of the NikeWomen‘s newest original series, Margot vs Lily. We’ll be kicking back in our activewear, with a bag of natural, lightly-salted popcorn each week, watching the series and doing (or trying to do) the guided exercises you can find here, all in a bid to become fitter, stronger and generally better versions of ourselves. 

Let’s be real: a lot of the time when brands try their hand at creating original content, the results can be… unsavoury.
That’s why we were surprised/intrigued to find Nike‘s first ever foray into a Netflix-style series, called Better For It, was actually pretty well done. That said, when you realise it’s directed by Tricia Brock (part of the directing team behind Girls and The Walking Dead), so you’d be a little ropable if it were anything less.
Bit of background: The eight-part web-series follows the lives of two adopted sisters in New YaaarkMargot (who looks freakishly like Lily Rose-Depp) and Lily.
Lily is a perfectionist. She runs a YouTube fitness channel with a whopping 900k followers. So before you even watch the vid, you can grasp her personal brand with this handy GIF:
But, despite her pseudo-fame and #riggoals, Lily doesn’t really have any friends, ’cause she’s kinda lacking a certain social finesse:

Margot, on the other hand, alternates between warming couches with her butt/drinking red wine/getting fired from her job. This lil’ screengrab is a good demonstration of her attitude towards working out and her life in general in the first ep:
“Dad, pls don’t touch me in your activewear,” – indirect quote.

But… she has actual IRL mates:

Do you see where this is going? Down the predictable path of #helpmehelpyou.
At eight minutes long, it’s great for those of us with questionable attention spans (so essentially everyone). The series is part of Nike’s ‘Better For It‘ campaign, which is all ’bout reaching your actual, achievable fitness goals. Park your keister down and give it a looksie here:
This is an audacious call after watching just one ep, but we’ve decided our favourite character is 100% the girls’ Dad:

Any man who sinks a bev in his high-performance tights is a man we want to know.
So here’ll be a new ep of Margot vs Lily on Tuesday every week, if you’ve got viewing time to spare between Making A Murderer and House Of Cards. Running alongside each show will be a short, guided workout by Lily, in the style of her fictional YouTube channel, LilyNinja, which you can pump it to below:


Source and photo: supplied.