US Maccas Are Subbing Pedometers Into Happy Meals & Kids Be Like ‘No Fam’

If Happy Meals weren’t the best thing in your life when you were seven, were you ever really seven?

u wasn’t
It was a simpler time. A time where we put up with playing on those shithouse Sonic mini Gameboys that came as toys. A time when the only thing that divided us was whether you were a Cheesey or a McNuggie kid. 
But all that is now a relic of yesteryear. 
Taking note of society’s shift from grots to health-conscious angels (as well as the obesity crisis), McDonald’s in the US and Canada are swapping the Happy Meal knickknacks out for fitness trackers.
A moment of silence, now, for children who’re gonna open that box up and experience crushing disappointment. 
The “step-it” trackers come in six colours, count steps and blink according to how quickly or slowly the kid wearing it is moving. As counterintuitive as it seems, it’s a step in the right direction, sorta.
At least it’s not this.
anything but this please
Photo: McDonald’s Canada.