Unleash Your Pent-Up Anger To Alanis Morissette Bangers At ‘Fury Yoga’

When we first heard that there’s a new yoga class in Melbourne called ‘Fury Yoga’, which combines the equally cathartic elements of “yoga and unleashing anger”, we immediately thought of this iconic masterpiece:
gets me everytime
Sure, yoga traditionally goes hand-in-hand with peacefulness and calm – not yelling bloody murder. But two Melburnians are setting out to change that.
The brainchild of Keely Windred (of ‘Bey Yoga‘, an offshoot of those wildly popular Beyonce Dance Class events you probably saw on Facebook) and Ed Hunter (the guy who runs The Break Room, that place where you can go and smash things with a pink bat), Fury Yoga is all about taking the physical benefits of yoga (like strength conditioning and meditation) and combining them with fierceness
Their website reads:

“Tired of people telling you what to do with your Chakras? Wanna rock up to a yoga class in your faded band shirt? Want to get back to your badass self? We get you. 

We give you all the goodness of yoga while belting out a killer soundtrack. We leave chakras and judgement at the door. We’re here to make you unleash that anger you’ve had at a low boil for ages. We will help you dig deep, let it all out, and feel fucking amazing afterwards. 

We’ve taken yoga and turned the attitude up to 11. You’re a badass and you need a yoga that matches that. Probably more attitude than you can handle but the only way to find out is to get your arse to class. “
Thing is, yoga is bloody fantastic for you – but a fair few people find it hard to relate to the principles some teachers preach (each to their own, but I can’t bring myself to earnestly reply ‘Namaste‘ to an instructor named Becky who is wearing $119 lycra tights).
“Adding a layer of catharsis through listening to some bangers and venting your anger and stress makes for a winning combo. To boot, it’s on a Friday. It’s at Bar Open [in Fitzroy]. You get a free beer. C’mon. It’s not even a decision!” reads their website.
They’re not telling porkies about those bangers. A typical class will see the likes of Alanis Morissette, Rihanna and Rage Against The Machine blasted, and you really do get a free cold one after class.
Classes cost $25 and run once a month at Bar Open (317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy). You can book through their website, here.
Photo: Fury Yoga.