This Nail Salon Legit Has A Policy For Charging “Overweight” Customers More

You go get your nails done so you can walk out with baby-soft soles, exfoliated calves, cuticles trimmed to within an inch of their lives and an up-to-date knowledge of Kourtney Kardashian‘s kids’ friends’ mums’ exercise regimes thanks to a selection of new(ish) magazines – you don’t go to be judged on your weight.
Yes, in 2017, a sign indicating “overweight” customers will be charged an additional fee to get a pedicure was *actually* found hanging on the wall of a Memphis, Tennessee nail salon.
It was spotted by disgusted customer Deshania Ferguson, who shared it to Facebook and – surprise surprise – sent local news stations into a frenzy.
The salon’s owner denied the sign ever existed (funny, that) and basically defended his decision not to serve anyone who’s “severely overweight” because he claims it puts strain on his expensive equipment i.e. pedicure chairs, that he says cost thousands to replace.
CHAIRS. The piece of furniture that’s covered by insurance for almost every business, in the unlikely event of someone’s ass causing irreparable damage.
Whatever the reasoning, forcing customers to pay more based on their appearance is weight discrimination – pure and simple – and discrimination is never cool, whether it’s based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or age.
Also, who is this guy to decide on the definition of “overweight”? Not a doctor, that’s for damn sure.

Photo: Getty / Christian Vierig.