This Instagrammer Is Taking The Absolute Piss Out Of #CleanEating & We Dig

The ‘clean eating’ phenomenon is ubiquitous.
It’s fracking everywhere
It’s in the pictures of watery zucchini noodles in your Instagram feed, the hashtags #gymrat and #eatcleantrainmean that clutter your Facebook, and, if you’re unfortunate lucky enough, you might even have a mate who is a convert for gluten free errything.
One person who is absolutely not on board with the spectacle is Instagrammer Deliciously Stella

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Stella, also known as UK comedian Bella Younger, started her piss-take Insta after being tasked to search for budding chefs for a television project she was working on. (Her moniker is a clear rip on healthy af lifestyle blogger Deliciously Ella.)
“I spent an afternoon on Instagram, looking at the hashtag eatclean – I couldn’t believe how many handstands there were, and how there could be so many avocados in the world,” she tells The Guardian
Her bio reads “My shitty, unhealthy life” and it’s the perfect antidote to the paleo-ridden posts of the past couple of years.
“It’s everywhere – you can’t avoid it. And I just think a lot of it is rooted in bad science. I’m surprised people haven’t questioned it more. Everyone has rushed to give up gluten and I think it doesn’t make sense. I’ve got no problem with anyone who wants to eat more vegetables or exercise more, but it gets to an extreme and it’s so restrictive,” says Younger.
“I personally found it made me feel a bit rubbish about myself – it’s the unrealistic expectations put on women. That we can get up at six, work out for two hours, have a kale whatever, and then also manage to do a desk job. When you look at someone like Gisele, you know she looks that way because it’s her job. But for a normal person, you can’t eat and exercise like that and do everything else you need to do. And it’s incredibly expensive.

“I don’t mind the idea of spiralised vegetables, but replacing a complex carbohydrate with spiralised vegetables is madness. It’s not pasta, it’s not going to fill you up. Also cauliflower pizza is so depressing. Things like that make me a bit sad. How long is it since you ate a real pizza if you think a cauliflower pizza is delicious?”
Stella’s currently boasting a whopping 135,000 followers – testament to the fact that you’re not alone if you’re downright sick of the holier than thou attitude of health ‘experts’ and raw truthers like Pete Evans.
Of course, it’s gotta be said – if following your own version of clean eating works for you – you go Glen Coco. But the rhetoric that non-farmers-market-sourced food is somehow dirty or sickening is flat out bullshit.

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: @deliciouslystella / Instagram.