This Genius Contraption Cuts Up / Tosses All Yr Salad Ingredients In One Go

Preparing a salad.
Is there anything more soul-drainingly laborious?
Let’s say you’re making a stock standard garden salad. The Becky of the salad world. 
You’ve got to wash the tomato, the garden leaves and the cucumber (preferably not one found on the floor after a 50 Shades Darker screening).
Then you gotta dice up that tomato with peak concentration; one slip of the knife down its plump, taut skin and you’ll lose a digit. Pick some feta out the tub and suffer ye ol’ cheesey hands for the rest of the day. Peel and slice up an onion and you’ll be forced to fight back tears. 
All of that… forgettaboudit!
The ‘60-Second Salad‘ invention is a bowl-like contraption that takes the blood, sweat and tears out of preparing your salads. After all, who tf wants to spend precious time preparing something you’ll leave on your plate anyway?
All you gotta do is rinse your ingredients, whack them into the bowl and chuck on the lid. Turn it upside down and start cutting, then spin the top and you’ll be right to chop the ingredients the other way too, making a damn deliciously chopped salad minus the clean up.
toss ma salad babie
Currently on Kickstarter, the product has far exceeded its $5,000 goal to achieve a whopping $319,151 worth of pledges. That’s 12,117 people who are dead keen on salad. Others are skeptical of the promo vid alone:
The campaign ends in 44 hours, but we have faith that this holy piece of kitchen equiptment will go down in history, a lá the Snuggie, ShamWow and PedEgg before it.
Source: Kickstarter.
Photo: Kickstarter.