This 90-Sec Shower Trick Is The Best Way To Wake Up Without Hot Bean Juice

When your iPhone alarm starts radar-ing at 6:00am and you know you’ve got a savage F45 session followed by a day of drudgery at work (with your only respite being food), it can be hard to get out of bed.
While there are substances that can give you the much-needed kick up the ass, you will be judged if you’re knocking back cans of Mother on a packed Tuesday morning train.
Instead, there’s a 90-second trick you can perform in the shower that supposedly boosts energy and can even “enhance your immune system”.
sounds good

How do you do it?
Jump into the shower and turn on the water to a reasonable temperature. After scrubbing and cleansing as you usually do (don’t forget to lather up the crevices), swing the tap right round to freezing cold and stand under the stream for a solid 30 seconds. After enduring the icy blast, turn the tap back to hot for 30 seconds, and then finish off with another 30 seconds of cold. (If you find it so unbearable that you want to scream, don’t worry; this is totally normal and fine if you have understanding housemates.)
While it’ll be incredible uncomfortable standing under a freezing farkin cold shower, experts reckon it holds many a health benefit. It’s essentially hot and cold hydrotherapy. The sudden change in temp opens your capillaries and increases blood circulation, which in turn should energise your body and hopefully your mind. 
While we’re yet to discover any concrete scientific evidence that this cold / hot / cold method works, a warm shower before bed helps you sleep, so it makes sense that the opposite will wake you tf up.

Photo: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.