Think Stylists Lead The Cush Life? This One’s Hectic Day-To-Day Will Show Ya

PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered up with Fitbit to put their newest fitness watch, the Fitbit Blaze, through its paces. The nifty little thang features a heart rate monitor, connected GPS, on-screen workouts, call, text and calendar notifications you can hook up to your phone (particularly handy if you want to peek at your messages mid-class), and a whole bunch of other stuff to assist you while you work out and do general living activities. We fanged one to stylist and our long-time girl crush, Pip Edwards, and got her to report on a hectic day in her life.

Pip Edwards is kicking goals. 

Morning routine : @bourkestreetbakery coffee ??, @fitbitau ??, tunes ????

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For the uninitiated: she’s probably had some say on the clothes you’ve got on your back, as she’s the Design Director at General Pants Co. She’s also just launched her very own activewear label, P.E Nation. She also works as a stylist on the side, too. Oh yeah, and she’s a mum to highly-instagrammable son, Justice.
You’d be forgiven for wondering where on god’s green earth she finds the time to fit it all in. We wondered too. So we asked her. 
We got her to don a Fitbit Blaze while she ran around too, for some stats on just how demanding a day in the life of a Sydney stylist actually is.
SPOILER: She did a fair bit, and at the end of the day, she’d burned 2,257 calories.
“I definitely think when you look good, you feel good and you feel more motivated to work out,” says Pip. “To stay committed, I love to train with a friend – it’s the best way to feel like you are being slightly social whilst getting results.” In this case, that friend was Justin O’Shea, Creative Director of Italian couture house, Brioni. Naturally.
“Today, I trained at the gym for 20 – 23 mins according to the Fitbit – I cycled on the bike. I needed to get bang for my buck. Even though my steps didnt increase, I burned the fat. At peak performance, my heart rate got up to 160 BPM.”
“Then I did a photoshoot for Pink Hope Charity [a preventative health org helping women reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer] with Leah Simmons. It was all about best friends getting together and getting behind each other,”
“A lot of energy is used up on photoshoots like this. We went through hair and make-up, moved around location a fair bit, recorded a video interview.”

“This was a 2h meeting to talk about what’s upcoming and brand strategy. My role at GP is a cross between buying and marketing. 

“In my role, I come up with the trend stories at a consumer level, finding out what fits the demo. I take the creative vision and corral the marketing team.”

Pip’s Fitbit recorded 13 floors climbed, and we’d take a gamble the majority of them happened here.
Pip and business partner, Claire Tregoning, attended an invite-only event at the Sydney Opera House, with industry big dogs like designer Karen Walker, the Zimmermann sisters and Aesop CEO Michael O’Keefe all joining in on a discussion about Australia‘s evolving fashion landscape. 
After the conference, she enjoyed some panoramic harbour views at Sydney’s iconic Bennelong restaurant. “The whole fashion industry was here,” says Pip.

8:30PM – HOME

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“It was a big day but I stayed up til 12am writing a speech for an Australian Fashion Chamber event I had on the next morning at 7am,” says Pip. “The focus was on authenticity and becoming a leader in the industry.”
“All in all, 5.21km travelled, 2,275 calories burned and 8,657 total steps – it was actually quite a day,” she says.

Sleep, and repeat.

Photo: @pip_edwards1 / Instagram.