The Internet’s Own Kurt Coleman Is Having An Existential Crisis, You Guys

Love him or hate him, Kurt Coleman is the closest thing we Australians have to Paris Hilton, and for that reason, we need to keep him safe.

Currently, we have reason to believe Kurt may be experiencing a very real existential crisis, at the tender age of 20 years old. And that is reason for alarm.
Kurt, best known for his selfie-heavy Instagram and unashamed self-love, took to the platform to post a lengthy musing about what life actually even is.
“My dream in life is to find out what this world actually is. I don’t want to die not knowing the truth of the world, and that’s something that I think about everyday,” he wrote.
“I already know who I am, and I just know the world and everything out side of our world is way more than what we are told and there is way more to it.”

You can read the full post here:

Of course, Kurt topped it off with a few alien emojis to really drive home the mysterious, extraterrestrial vibes.

While his post has a bit of Kylie Jenner “I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realising stuff” feel to it, Kurt raises some serious points.
What is life? Why am I sitting here banging out this article? Why do we live in a world where glitter capsules you shove up your vagina exist? 
We may never discover the answers to these questions, and Kurt is not okay with that.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to the Maccas-loving young man and asked him to A) reassure us he’s okay, and B) tell us more about his new-found world view.
“I just look at the sky everyday and every time I look at it, it seems less ‘real’ than what it’s meant to feel like, and everyones priorities in life I feel isn’t what’s meant to be priorities, I feel like just living and doing whatever you want is what life is because we actually will never get told what it TRULY IS,” he said.
We know what you’re thinking. Does this mean Kurt going to step down from his throne as Australia’s Instagram king, say sayonara to city life, deactivate his Insta and continue his search for meaning in some remote Colombian jungle?
Thankfully, no.
He assures us he’s just going to continue to “just speak the truth of whatever I think and don’t believe whatever I hear.”
Food for thought.
You can catch more klassic Kurtisms here:

Photo: @kurtcoleman / Instagram.