The Bluebottle Invasion Has Begun, Marks Official Start Of ‘Strayan Summer

Keep your eyes on our shores, people, because we’ve had *visitors*.
Forget fucking Mars, we’re talking about the invasion of our beaches by battilions of bluebottles, especially in Sydney, where several sightings of beached jellys have been made in ManlyLa Perouse, Bronte, Newcastle and Noosa over recent days.
Australian Museum naturalist Martyn Robinson told ABC 702 their sudden arrival is down to our gradual warming of our sea waters as the weather heats up, and warns that bluebottles “can even sting you after the animal is essentially dead”.
Even if the head has been broken off by the wave, the long trailing tentacle can still fire off a barb, giving you a major pain in the foot or arse, depending on where you’re hit.
The bluebottles being spotted are Pacific Man o’War bluebottles, which can grow to be 15cm and travel in crews of 1000s.
See for yourself:

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If you’re one of the 10,000 unlucky Aussies who’ll probably get stung this year, do NOT panic and piss on your arm/leg/stomach if you’re really flexible.
Surf Life Saving Australia has got your back with these handy treatment tips:
  • Remove any traces of the stinger from the skin
  • Wash with sea water or warm water
  • Apply ice, if necessary
  • Avoid rubbing the sting or treating it with piss, vinegar or alcohol – these will only aggravate.
Summer is nigh, people. Watch your step.
Via ABC.

Lead image via redbricksydney.