Teens who love to vape are more likely to end up smoking conventional cigarettes later in life, according to a new study fresh outta the University of California.

UCSF researchers found that using any form of tobacco – be that electronic ciggies, chewing tobacco à la Cletus Spuckler, water pipes or snuff – makes teens more likely to eventually graduate onto smoking actual hot boys.

“Teens who experimented with tobacco in any form were at greater risk of future smoking,” said senior author Benjamin Chaffee, a UCSF dentistry professor and researcher who conducted the study of 10,384 youths ages 12 to 17 who were nonsmokers at the outset of the research.

After a year, 4.6 percent of the youths in the survey had smoked cigarettes. Those who tried a non-cigarette alternative were more than twice as likely to have smoked within the previous month as those who had not tried e-cigarettes or other smokeless tobacco products.

The authors said their study was the first to investigate whether using all forms of non-cigarette tobacco leads to smoking cigarettes. Obviously, they said, it does.

While the results of the study aren’t exactly surprising, they’re important.

the clearest evidence vaping is a devil-heavy activity

The e-cigarette industry has flourished by positioning vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking lung lollies, and while some research suggests there’s a tiny, watermelon-flavoured truth in that, it’s still not a healthy pastime.

Like Guava Cruisers before it, the wide range of flavours available for the vaping clearly appeal to a younger palate. You can get actually buy banana milkshake-flavoured concentrates, for Pete’s sake, and my 14-year-old self is salivating at that.

Plus, vaping makes you look like you might own a fedora. And that, folks, is a risk behaviour not worth indulging.

Source: SF Gate
Image: Getty Images / Christopher Polk