Tasmania’s Serving Up Food So Delicious It’ll Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Summer’s the time to get out there and enjoy all the things not possible when it’s raining and you’re locked inside watching the Titanic (+ crying/feeding your cat). OVI Hydration – the Hydration Infusion with fruit juice, honey and antioxidants from green tea – want you to #infuseyoursummer (pls hurry up summer) with awesome experiences. They’re giving away a trip to Tasmania (read more below) to get amongst the *begins drooling* food that this destination is known for. They’re also giving away other equally impressive prizes over the coming weeks so hop over to their Facebook page, give them a like and follow them on Instagram @ovihydration to stay informed

We’ve been discharged with the task of discussing a topic of great importance – one that must be talked about solemnly, and with a much-deserved level of respect. 

Tasmania’s serving up serious excellence when it comes to things we fervently consume. With incredible growing conditions, experts at the helm and international support – the island’s produce is some of the best in the world. Here are some Tasmanian specialities that’ll turn your stomach into an roaring angered troll from hell.  

Unlike lovers, friends and life – cheese will never disappoint you. NEVER. This is especially true when it’s made by Tasmanian producers. 
Heaven takes physical form in the Bruny Island Cheese Co. They’ve created a somewhat simple yet obviously delicious cheese that’s wrapped in locally made prosciutto. We encourage you to sit down and process this momentarily as this may be overwhelming for some. 
It’s called the Otto and should be served after baking in the oven for 15 minutes to ensure a crispy outside/gooey inside. What a time to be alive, people.  
They’re based on Bruny (duh) and also have a store in Hobart
You may have seen Ashgrove Cheeses in your local Woolies/Coles and with good reason. They’ve been in the cheese game for a long, long time now. Although you can buy it pretty much everywhere, experiencing it where it’s made is the best way to chow-down (their farm and store in located in Elizabeth Town, FYI).
Tasmania’s one of the largest exporters of Wasabi in the world (~the more you know~) so it only made sense to Ashgrove to create an infusion. Yeah, that’s a literal thing that exists in real life. 
They also make a lavender infused cheese with ingredients sourced from Bridestow Estate Lavender Farm. <—- The estate is GAWJUS, darling. 
Yummy, yummy in my goddamn tummy. Who doesn’t love a good berry or 80?
Hillwood Berry Farm, located in the Tamar Valley, is one of many famous Tasmanian institutions to grow the lil’ buggers. 
The venue grows Strawberries (Nov-May), Raspberries (Dec-Jan + Apr), Blackberries (Feb – Apr), Loganberries (Dec – Feb), Black Currants (Dec – Feb) and Red Currants (Dec – Feb). 
If the thought of berries has you all like:
Then treat yo’ self to an OVI Hydration – the hydration infusion with fruit juice (with one flavour being berry (yasss)), honey and antioxidants from green tea.
Rainfall in Tasmania’s western valleys is measured in metres, not inches. It’s wetter than Abbott’s pillow from all the tears he cries before drifting off to sleep. 
In these moist conditions, the Leatherwood trees flower in late summer and the bees go crazier for it than a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert. Beekeepers then collect the musky-tasting, all natural honey and distribute it worldwide. It’s real good stuff. 
Be real now – how fabulous are you? You deserve the finer things in life, right? Then you best get to truffle hunting. 
Tasmania has some of the truffles in the world: that tasty fungi needs the most pristine environment to grow in. Youl’ll wanna head to the Western Tiers Mountain Range for the most delish Black Truffles, but you can hop on tours at any time year-round if you’re cravin’ that high-class taste.
There’s only a few places in the world that could challenge Tasmania for the title of cleanest water. With it being pollution-free, and much of it having a perfect temperature for ocean-critters to flourish, it’s no small wonder why the island is known for its seafood. 
Tasmania’s coastline is a scornful mistress. It’s wild and unspoilt. Naturally, one of the most sought after/delicious foods around decided to take up residence on said dangerous coastline. In true ‘Strayan style, this doesn’t stop brazen abalone farmers throwing themselves in harms way. Tasmania’s the worlds largest supplier of the succulent, meaty-textured bundles of joy. Ten points to Gryffindor.  
People, this is all but a taste (lol, we’re so punny) of what Tasmania has to offer in terms of food. OVI Hydration – the Hydration Infusion with fruit juice, honey and antioxidants from green tea – are giving away an experience to Tassie that’ll leave you in a food coma. 
You and a friend will be flown from your closest capital city to gawjus Hobart. When you arrive, you’ll be shacking up in The Islington for three nights. This faaaaahbulous hotel will serve as your base while you: go truffle hunting on farm with Duncan Garvey Perigord Truffles/eat those bad-boys during a gourmet lunch; have an afternoon vino tasting and dinner at the winery afterwards; get around a private tour of Bruny Island Cheese; lunch on an agri-sustainable farm using local produce; be provided with a full breakfast daily.
Here’s how to enter and infuse your summer with OVI:
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Lead image via Ashgrove Cheese.