Sydney Pole School Makes The Only Lap Dancing Tutorial You Need To See

Splash some cold water on your face, grab a sturdy chair and take a deep breath in; shit’s about to get red hot.
Sydney Pole, a pole dancing studio in Camperdown, have released a tutorial video on how to seduce your chosen one just in time for Valentine’s Day.
It’s called ‘Sexy Lap Dance Tricks (To Drive Him Wild)’ and it’s a ride and a half. It’s worth a watch, provided you’re not at work; after all, erryone could learn a thing or two about seduction and/or how to induce a tingly feeling in le genitals.
Honourable mentions go out to the hectic plastic cheese scene and the “scream loudly into his face” bit; they really are genius ways of sending someone buck wild.
While it’s an elaborate ploy to coax would-be polers into the studio, it has garnered a fair lot of attention on social media since it was posted 19 hours ago. Either there are a lot of people who want to try pole dancing, or a lot of people who don’t have access to PornHub.
Of course, some viewers were keen on pretending they were interested in something else entirely:
Source: Sydney Pole Dance School.
Photo: Sydney Pole Dance School.