Squad Of 4 Fit Legends Share Their Fave Nike Training Club App Workouts

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A coupla weeks ago we introduced you all to PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s very own #FitSquad: a group of Australian lasses kickin’ life/career/fitness goals.

They’ve been busy jet setting round the place, but have been finding the time to bust they asses using the NTC app – a nifty little workout buddy that sits in your iPhone (or Android), loaded with every kind of workout for every kind of mood. 

We had a chat to the squad about their fave workouts on the app, and where they best like to get their sweat on, all in preparation for the Nike Training Club Tour taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland on March 19th.

Writer, producer & presenter

HER FAVE WORKOUT: “My fave work out is called ‘Wipeout’ and the name speaks for itself. I’m pretty much wrecked after this fast paced high intensity routine. There’s a lot of variety with difference exercises that keeps me on my toes, and it’s a great full body workout so I feel like I’m doing a balanced session.”

ON WHERE SHE LIKES TO SWEAT: “As much as I’d love to say I work out on bondi beach, I actually don’t! The thing that’s so amazing about this app is that you can do a workout in your lounge room and you don’t have to be ashamed about it. I love that I roll out of bed and into a workout first thing in the morning and it sets my tone for the day. I basically have no excuses anymore. I also prefer to let loose and dance in the 10 sec ‘breaks’ between exercises. Watching TV is also now okay if I’m burning a sweat and not lazing on the couch. Win win!”

Model & fitness enthusiast

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HER FAVE WORKOUT: “I dont think I have ONE particular favourite workout on the NTC app. I try and mix it up most days so I don’t get bored. I find when you mix up your work outs it is much easier to stay motivated and interested. My favourite type of work out is high interval cardio type training and I love working on my butt and legs. For me personally, I need to sweat a lot and get my heart rate up otherwise I don’t feel like i’ve done enough. I enjoy the Total Body Sculpting workout. It is 45 minutes long so I find if I put on a podcast with some good music the 45 minutes is over before you know it!”
ON WHERE SHE LIKES TO SWEAT: “It really depends on where I am. I travel a fair bit so my options on where I train change quite a lot. I like working out where there aren’t too many people. I am a member of an all ladies gym and I find if it’s busy, I try go find a quiet corner to get my work out done! I’m at my boyfriends place a fair bit and if it’s nice weather we always try and get outside.”
Founder & designer of Aloe Swimwear

HER FAVE WORKOUT: “I hurt my shoulder a little bit during a boxing session a few weeks ago so I’ve been a bit chilled out – I injured it a few years ago badly so that comes back every now and again. I can’t really do too much upper body work. I’ve always done a lot of yoga. There are heaps of good yoga workouts on the app, I’ve been doing the one called Yoga Ready Workout – it’s pretty relaxed, it does it once over and then repeats it. It’s a bit of upper body work but it’s slower than usual. That’s a quite one, so I follow it with an ab workout called Alpha Abs – and they burn. I don’t usually do heaps of cardio so these only equate to half an hour then I do a walk if I have time that day. You can definitely feel it in your butt in day after.”

“I’m a gym girl, but work has been so full on at the moment and I find fifteen minutes to the gym, fart-arsing around, fifteen minutes back – I don’t have that time right now. I have an office at home where I do all my work, so I duck up there, get my yoga mat out, I’ve got my Spotify. One really good place that I love though, is the Palm Beach Lighthouse Walk (for non-Sydneysiders – this is where Home & Away is filmed) – it’s so beautiful, a great workout with incredible scenery. I do stretches and a little workout up there.”

Model and blogger

Training outside today?? getting ready for the #NTCToursyd soon ?? Come join us it will be fun!! @nikewomen #NTCSquadGoals

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HER FAVE WORKOUT: “I’m loving all the 15 minute express workouts. I like how it targets one specific muscle group in that time it’s great ’cause sometimes I find it hard when I’m by myself to exercise and keep that motivation for a long workout. Though 15 minutes I feel like you don’t need to think twice. It can also get you pumped up for another express workout after which is awesome! They aren’t easy, so you definitely feel like your getting a proper workout… I’m always sore the next day.”


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ON WHERE SHE LIKES TO SWEAT: “The ultimate place would be outside at the park with a friend. I couldn’t workout by myself outside though, I would get too distracted. Most of the time I’m doing the express workouts by myself in my bedroom. I have a good setup with a mat and a mirror. I like working out in front of the mirror so I can see that I’m doing the moves correctly for a proper workout, because you can easily injure yourself if you’re not careful.”

You can download the NTC app for free on iPhone/Android. 
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