Some Poor Bloke Had 13KG Of Pent-Up Poo Surgically Removed From His Guts

WARNING: The following story is deeply gross. If you’ve got a weak stomach, click out. Shit’s about to get real.

There’s nothing worse than having a gut-full of turd in you.
You feel sluggish, bloated and frankly, not yourself. 
So imagine then, just for a moment, how it would feel if you had been constipated your whole life.
It sounds like plot straight outta a sickening Tom Six movie, but it’s the reality for one man in China.

Pictures have surfaced from a medical procedure where doctors removed a whopping 12kg of pent-up poo from an unnamed 22-year-old’s colon:
The image was taken after the man had 30 inches of his enlarged bowel removed by surgeons at Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai in China. Doctors said that when he came in, the man looked like he was nine months pregnant and “about to explode”. The patient said he had always suffered from constipation and used laxatives, but those only offered a brief relief.
the dude’s stomach
Tests on the removed portion of the colon suggested that the feces had been sitting in his system for months; possibly even years.
i’m sorry for uploading this

It’s the result of Hirschsprung’s disease, a rare developmental disorder characterised by the absence of ganglia in the distal colon, resulting in a functional obstruction. In non-medical terms, that basically means that the nerves that tell your muscles to involuntarily contract and move the waste through your digestive tract are missing – so the poo that should be exiting stage left just chills in there instead.
There’s not much more information on how the patient is going post-excavation, but we could guess he’s probably feeling a helluva lot lighter.
Here’s one last pic of the doctor doing a half-arsed rap squat next to the turd sack.

Photo: Inverse Science.