PEDESTRIAN.TV have teamed up with Cancer Council Queensland to give hope to those who need it most.

With Victoria’s restrictions now back in place, and with new COVID-19 cases being confirmed in NSW and QLD, it’s clear just how quickly our plans can become unravelled.

Not to get all ~philosophical~ about it, but it is kind of a metaphor for life in the grander scheme of things – just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, a curveball comes flying out of nowhere to present a whole new path you never considered.

It’s confronting, but since the pandemic, we’re more aware than ever of just how important those moments spent making memories with loved ones really are.

So, here’s how to make sure you really are making every second with your nearest and dearest count.

Please, Put Your Phone Down

Taking a second to flick through IG stories or reply to a text (unless it’s absolutely urgent) may seem harmless, but putting your phone away for the night is seriously one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re present in the moment.

Even though so many aspects of life revolve around your phone, the deep convos you randomly fall into, and the unforgettable memories you’ll cherish forever rarely arise when you’re buried in your screen.

We’ve all got crazy schedules, so if you and your pals have made the effort to get together, it’s almost a little disrespectful to place your focus elsewhere.

Take Plenty Of Piccos

This might seem contradictory as I literally just said put your phone away BUT, for those born after 1997, I would like to remind you that other methods of capturing a moment exist.

Buy a disposable camera (the photos you’ll get are way more aesthetic and you’ll end up tricking everyone into thinking you’re a photog), a second-hand film camera or even whip out one of those colossal 00’s video cameras.

The moments you’ll capture on these are always more candid and in a way, makes memories feel more authentic. Would Nickelback have written ‘Photograph’ if that weren’t the case? I think not.

Anywho, there is truly nothing more beautifully sentimental than having a hard copy of a mem, that didn’t require a slew of filters or Lightroom edits to appear perfect.

Plan Regular Catch Ups, But Don’t Get Caught Up In Logistics

Remember in high school where you’d ubiquitously decide that every Thursday afternoon meant hanging at Celina’s house until someone’s parents were nominated to do the drop off rounds?

During adulthood catch-ups like this are practically unheard of, but attempting to plan regular meetups or something a little lavish is always a great way to ensure you’re soaking up the good times with friends.

Hosting a tea party, pamper night or even a yoga night at your place and registering it with the Cancer Council’s Girls Night In is an incredible way to both treat your gang to a special night whilst supporting people impacted by cancer.

Money raised from these events goes towards research and prevention of all women’s cancers – so you’ll literally be catching up and having fun to save lives. To make your night even more special, registered event hosts will receive a host kit full of goodies, tools and resources to help you plan the most fabulous night possible.

Try And Leave Your Stress At Home

It can be hard to leave worries behind for a night. With work, uni, and just general life pilling up, putting it all aside can sometimes seem impossible.

You can’t fully invest yourself in the moment if you’re overthinking an email you sent earlier that day or every task you have to complete tomorrow.

Try meditating, breathing, or making a promise to yourself to not leave to see your pals until all of your work is done, so you can focus your attention fully on making memories instead.

Check-In, Even After The Party Is Over

Billie Eilish wasn’t playing when she sang, “call me when the party’s over”.

Being part of your friends’ lives means more than just catching up once a month – continual support is what we need, and knowing that you have or are part of someone’s support system is literally the reason why we’re all here on this floating rock.

Having fun, dressing up and sharing a few drinks are all important parts of friendship, but being there when things might not seem so shiny is the true test of friendship.

Image: Parks And Recreation