The Police Reckon Six Brands Of Strawberries Could Be The Needle-Laced Kind

You know how we’ve written the last two days about sewing needles found inside strawberries, and then about a copycat “thin metal object” found inside a strawberry punnet? Well it’s not over yet, friends; our state of strawberry emergency is ongoing.

NSW Police have released their own statement, as the ABC reports, which says there are now six – not two as previously reported – brands of strawberries which may be contaminated, aka, could have needles in them: Berry ObsessionBerry Licious (we knew those two), Love Berry, Donnybrook Berries, Delightful Strawberries and Oasis.

The contamination is believed to have originated at a Queensland-based supplier – but the brands are sold in stores in NSW, Victoria, ACT and Queensland. The whole east coast? Our strawberries are no good.

There’s been new reports of strawbs found in NSW for the first time – the preceding four instances were in Victoria and Queensland – in Tweed Heads, Taree and Wingham, but it’s not yet known if they’re related to the OG incident or a copycat. There’s also two new ones in Queensland. No one is safe.

Cops are working with retailers to get the needle-ridden strawberries off shelves.

The statement from NSW Police follows one from Queensland earlier today, where Dr. Jeanette Young was back at it again, to talk about the two new cases in her state, and the one in Tweed Heads, relating to supplier Donnybrook.

These three further instances are cases in which needles have been found within the strawberries and people have gone to eat them, have cut them up and found the needles.

If you have Donnybrook strawberries at home, or are unsure of the brand, you should return them to the store or throw them away.

Police kindly request if you find strawberries with needles in them, to just bring ’em to the station for “triage and forensic examination“.

As Queensland Police Acting Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence said: “We’re talking about an industry that for Queensland alone provides over 363,000 punnets in a period of five days.

If you’re worried about your strawbs and don’t wanna check to see if they’re out to get you, just throw them out or return them to the supermarket.

And if you’re thinking of eating strawberries anyway, it’s probably just a good idea still to cut ’em up. Just cut ’em up. Make a fruit salad. Cut ’em and put ’em on a pavlova. Do not just pop a whole strawberry in your mouth hole.

That’s it then: I’m now a raspberry person. Just love raspberries. Just love any fruit without needles in them.