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Fun fact: Recent lab tests found that swabs from unwashed, week-old pillowcases harboured 17,000 times more colonies of bacteria than samples taken from a toilet seat.

Disssssgousting, but think about it — you shed hundreds, if not thousands, of dead skin cells a week. Then, more often than not, you climb into bed without showering (don’t @ me). You definitely have nights where you CBF washing your makeup off. You probably drool, or your partner drools, and maybe you’re both hot, sweaty sleepers. That, coupled with the fact that you definitely don’t wash your bedsheets often enough, really adds up to colonies.

So basically, when you lay your head down to nod off, you’re face-palming yourself with a petri dish of bacteria every night. Deeeeelightful! The solution to all this? An anti-bacterial pillowcase like this one from Silvi.
Le Silvi Pillowcase

The Silvi pillowcases are among the world’s first silk pillowcases that are treated with anti-bacterial silver and are clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of the bacteria that’s linked to acne, breakouts, and topical inflammation.

Think we’re bullshitting you? Cop this TikTok that’s had over 10 million views.


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HOW FUCKED IS IT?! And that’s without someone sleeping on it every night.

Anyway, not only is a silk pillowcase better for your skin, but sleeping on silk also helps reduce breakage and any hair drag caused by a regular cotton pillowcase.

We know what you’re thinking, a pillowcase this bougie is probably a bitch to clean, right?! WRONG! It’s actually surprisingly easy to care for. You only need to either hand wash it in cold water or wash it every 10 to 14 days and on a cold, delicate cycle. Simple.

One of these bad boys will set you back around $89 and last up to two years. To ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase, the legends over at Silvi also offer a 100-night trial, so if you don’t love your silk pillowcase, you can send it back for a full refund + return postage.

Keen to learn more? You can suss out the website right here. Oh, and use the code TIKTOK at the checkout for $5 off silk pillowcases.