Send This Psychic Your Used Wax Strips And She’ll Predict Your Future

Don’t chuck out your wax strips when you’re done with them, that would be a waste. Rather, snap a pic and send it the way of Brooklyn’s very own Used Wax Strip Fortune Teller.
Before you give the eye roll of the decade, judge not until you’ve tried it.
Kat Thek is one many NYC ‘psychics’, except Thek reads your extracted bodily hairs like tea leaves, tarot or palmistry. As absurd and as gnarly as it sounds, Thek doesn’t see why this is any less legitimate than the other forms of psychic reading. 
The idea dawned on her during a screening of Jurassic Park. She tells website Refinery29“…If scientists can bring back dinosaurs from the past to the present using amber, then naturally I could bring the future to the present using beauty wax.” 
Thankfully, clients don’t need to save up their used strips and bring them in for show.
A simple picture will do, and then Thek begins her process…
“The first thing I do is find the North Hair.”
After that, I find the smallest hair and the largest hair. These three points form the Trifollica. Located within the Trifollica is the past, the future, the everything… From the Trifollica, I read the curl angles, strand density, follicular lines, and colorization to reveal the stars of one’s personal constellation.”

She also notes that, “What remains unwaxed is just as important as what is waxed.”

…and apparently, where you wax is just as significant. For example, a bikini wax yields romantic insights, while eyebrow strips are good for predicting the status of your other interpersonal relationships.
Right now, Thek isn’t charging for your first reading so get in quick before she’s inundated with hairy requests from all over.
For more information, or to email Kat for a transcontinental reading, check out her website.

Via Refinery29.

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