PEDESTRIAN.TV X Selfish Saturday presented by The House of Angostura is here to give you the self-care you need - hold the wank factor. Final release tix on sale now.

After the success of PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by The House of Angostura in Sydney last year, we’re bringing the only self-care festival that matters down to Melbourne on February 22, 2020.

Selfish Saturday will give punters the entire day to be, well, selfish. Ignore everyone else, this day’s about your own physical and mental health, and yours only.

The single-day event will go down at Port Melbourne’s The Timber Yard which, if you’ve never been, is a bloody huge indoor and outdoor venue that can hold up to 1,500 soul-searchers.

That’s a whole lotta people finally looking after themselves – my little heart is filled with happiness.

There are a few familiar faces from the last P.TV X House Of Angostura Selfish fest, including manifestation kween Flex Mami, and we’ve also added some cracking new talent to the partially-announced line-up.

It’s all still very hush-hush, but here’s just a taster of what you can expect on the day:

Mastering Smug Sundays: A Guide To Mindful Boozing w/ The House Of Angostura

The Sex-Ed You’ll Thank Us For Later w/ Sexologist Chantelle Otten

The Big Gay Debate

What’s Good For The Scroll And/Or Soul w/ Alex Hayes

Meet Melbourne’s Movers & Money-Makers w/ Head of Editorial Jenni Ryall

Don’t Be A Dick: Climate Action & Sustainability w/ Laura Wells

A Simple Effective Guide To Manifesting w/ Flex Mami

Havin’ A Laff & A Haff w/ Comedy Duo Double Denim

Because it is still a festival, there will also be multiple bars with alcoholic and non-alcoholic bevs, more food than you can get your grubby mitts on and, of course, a stage for the slew of musos belting out their bangers.

The line-up of musicians is still under lock and key, so just keep sitting on the edge of your seat (seriously, don’t move) until they’re announced.

Tickets are on sale now for $50, keeping in mind that every ticket gets you a bangin’ gift bag worth $100.

Watch this (safe) space.

Image: Supplied