Hey, you there. You deserve some self-care, sweetie. This is a fact we’re becoming increasingly aware of, but it’s not like we can just magically whip up the time to do it in.

In fact, Medibank Live Better data released today – based on a Medibank-commissioned survey of 1726 peeps of all ages – found that while 98% of Millenials recognise how important self-care is, only 52% reckon they’re doing enough of it. Just over half of that 52% admit it’s a lack of time that’s keeping them looking after their needs better.

The data also ranked the top ways respondents are practicing self-care when they can carve out a moment or two, and it’s actually a pretty brilliant list. Here’s the top 10 from the list, and also brilliant options for when you’re time-poor.

1. Take some alone time and do whatever the heck you want with it.

2. Take a nap, you probably have a lot of sleep to catch up on after all.

3. Pop the kettle on and make yourself a hot tea or coffee.

4. Friends are the best, so go spend some quality time with them to unwind.

5. Grab yourself a good book and a cosy reading corner.

6. Go get your hair did, because we all know the healing power of a fresh ‘do.

7. Pour a bath and jump on it, preferably candles and bath salts are involved, but do you.

8. If you have the time and the money, book yourself in for a massage.

9. Do the gardening (but only if you actually have a green thumb otherwise it’s going to make your stress worse – just saying).

10. If you’ve got a screen, you’ve got a streaming service full of blissful shows and movies to let your mind drift to.

11. Slap on a facemask when you deserve a pampering but can’t get into a professional.