Season 2 Of Our Mental Health Video Series Is Here, Unpacking The Chaos That Has Been 2020

Recently, we’ve all faced changes and challenges that may have taken a bit of a toll on our mental health. It’s natural that the repercussions of a huge global shift vary amongst us, so it’s important to seek out ways to maintain our own wellbeing and look out for our friends.

To help you through this weird time, and ease any sense of WTF-ness you may be experiencing, millennial icon Marty Smiley is back to host Season 2 of H R U?, a video series brought to you by Kids Helpline and PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Last season saw Smiley, Kids Helpline specialist Josie, and an array of very special guests unpack topics like money troubles, sexual health, loneliness, identity, and toxic relationships.

Season 2, set to hit your feed from May 28th, will discuss all the challenges we’re dealing with right now – everything from anxiety, to job loss, staying connected with loved ones and isolating in unsafe environments.

This season’s lineup of guests includes renowned illustrator Struthless, buzzworthy stand-up Concetta Caristo, pop-music purveyor Nic Kelly and Rabbitohs fullback Alex Johnston. Pretty stacked, if we do say so ourselves.

You can revisit last season’s first episode, featuring Aussie muso Adit Gauchan (one-half of hip hop duo Horrorshow), where he discussed the complicated process of grieving.