Science Says We’ll Be Ditching Beef For Roo Meat And Crickets By 2050

If you sometimes read predictions about the effects of climate change and struggle to see how it will affect you personally, this might do the trick: scientists reckon by 2050 we’ll likely be eating kangaroos and crickets instead of beef. The cows must be stoked.

A study done by some smart geezers at James Cook University has looked at what the effect of climate change will be on our diets and has brought some grim news.
Dr Tobin Northfield from JCU says they found that beef will likely become too expensive for regular folk to eat, forcing us to make the change to the cheaper and more sustainable humble Aussie roo.
Northfield also says that the warmer climate will mean less wheat (hooray for the gluten intolerant) and a global reduction in fruit and vegetable consumption (hooray for small, picky children).
He also says that while kangaroos are more sustainable, it would be difficult to scale up roo meat production to match the previous beef industry – but that we could switch to other sources, like crickets. Crickets are high in protein, calcium, iron and zinc and don’t produce any methane. They are also, unfortunately, super gross. 
The report also says that Tasmania is the only state that will be able to keep up its current agriculture production levels, probably because only about 5 people live there. 
Just kidding. Mostly.
Source: TEN.
Photo: Youtube.