SBS Is Casting A New Health Show & Want Your Crackpot Home Remedies

Everyone’s got a crackpot home remedy their grandma / boyfriend / best friend swears by.

Maybe it’s throwing five cloves of raw garlic down your chunthole when you feel a cold coming on. Perhaps it’s soaking your feeties in a haunted concoction of vodka and vinegar to reduce stench. Or it could be (a personal favourite of a dear friend of mine) inserting a yoghurty tampon up your VJ to ease the symptoms of thrust.

Whatever yours is: SBS wants to know about it.

SBS and Warner Bros are cooking up a new TV series and are looking for people across Australia who use home remedies, and you can apply here.

“These may tap into the knowledge & practices of different cultures and communities,” reads a press release.

“From Alopecia to Allergies, Headaches to Hair Loss, Toothache to Tinnitus, if you have a remedy for any health issue we want to hear from you!”

If you’re over 18 and an Aussie citizen or resident, you’ve got till July to apply.

What are you waiting for? Quit the oil pulling for a hot second and a’clicking.