San Fran Airport Just Hired The US’ 1st Flight Therapy Pig & She’s V. Glam

No matter how frequently you fly, it’s human nature to get a little bum tingly in airport environments.

Us human creatures were not designed to be airborne for periods longer than a few seconds at a time; hence the lack of wings. 
While the planes we jet around in are incredibly safe, and the chances of being involved in a plane crash are a measly 1 in a 11 million, feeling anxious at the airport is nothing new.
San Francisco International Airport feels you. What’s their method of combatting travellers’ angst, you ask?
By introducing a god damned dedicated therapy pig named LiLou.

yes its fucken nails is painted all fancy like
She’s the newest addition to the stable of animals that make up the ‘Wag Brigade’ – a team of pets certified by the San Francisco SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program.
LiLou is the first known airport therapy pigletti in the US, and according to a press release “promises to surprise and delight guests at SFO with her winning personality, charming costumes, and painted nails.”

Apparently little LiLou is quite the attention-seeker too and “loves performing tricks for her audience.” She’ll be roaming around the airport surprising and delighting guests of the airport, all the while wearing a “Pet Me!” vest. 
It’s a lot to take in, yes, but we sincerely hope Tullamarine can take a big leaf outta this book. 
Photo: Supplied.