Reebok Release Rompers For Blokes & Good Luck Taking A Piss Now

You know how you can see a trend starting to happen, and even though the vast majority of people can clearly see it’s a terrible idea, it keeps getting bigger?
That’s male rompers. 
A couple days ago this hell-sent Kickstarter for a product called RompHim popped up. RompHim are rompers, but for men.
Sure, while it’s great to encourage men to experiment with fashion without being ridiculed, rompers are fucked. They’re a dumb invention in the first place. They’re usually ugly, unflattering and uncomfortable. 
There’s no other piece of clothing that’s so good at getting lodged up a woman’s front bum. Throw some testicles in the mix and it possibly becomes a health issue.
Reebok clearly DGAF and have announced a presale for their newest product, the ReeRomp. They describe this abomination on their website:
Built for bros, the ReeRomp will keep you cool in more ways than one. Made with ACTIVCHILL technology and a reflective zipper, this romper combines the benefits of an active life and effortless style. Embrace the season’s coolest new trend, perfectly paired with Classic Leathers.
It’s so new that it looks like Reebok haven’t even gotten around to photographing the real deal, as the only images on their website are sketches:
Strike while the iron’s hot, I guess. It’s available here for approx $120AUD.
Source: Reebok.
Photo: Reebok.