There’s nothing quite like a rigorous mattress dance to get the heart rate pumping.

PornHub Releases ‘BangFit’ Program, Wants You To Shag Into Shape

This is a fact PornHub knows all too well. 

And to capitalise on this, they’ve just released a program called BangFit, which is exactly what it sounds like – a fitness program tailored all around S E X. Their dedicated microsite reads:

“Welcome to the wonderful world of BangFit, an exercise platform created by Pornhub to fight against our sedentary lifestyle. Watch the video below and discover the fitness miracle gyms don’t want you to know about.”

watch it watch it it’s funny you won’t be disappointed

It works by getting users to follow videos as they bang, emulating positions such as the “missionary press” and the “squat and thrust”. You can sync up your smartphone to the program too, and measure calories burnt. 

Once you’re done, you can even share the results on your socials… Schhhhwing!

Solo smangers, don’t despair – there’s options for completing the exercises via masturbation as well.

PornHub Releases ‘BangFit’ Program, Wants You To Shag Into Shape

sorry about this

Using the act of locking legs and swapping gravy as exercise is nothing new – after all, a recent study confirmed 1 in 3 Fitbit users glance down at their trackers mid-root.

It’s a great way to dismantle your I’ve-never-used-my-gym-membership and/or Catholic guilt. 

Source: Mashable.

Photo: American Beauty.