PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Ruffie Rustic Foods to show you anyone can embrace a plant-based diet (even you).

First thing’s first – we’re not here to sign people up to a lifetime of vegetarianism. That’s not the motivation for this, admittedly, well-meaning article. We just really bloody love vegetables. And we wanna remind everybody that the more veggies we eat, the better we’re going to feel. 

Call it science, call it nutrition, call it common sense. Whatever. Whether you choose a straight-up vego lifestyle, enjoy plant-based days here and there, or are simply trying to get your servings in alongside a good steak, the bottom line is: vegetables are good for you. 

And we can confidently say that eating more veggies is scientifically proven to be better self-care than all the chakra alignment/crystal cleansing/full-moon dancing in the world. Don’t @ me, we’re just talking basic nutrition. Keep reading to see what a good serve of veg can do.

Get a happier heart 

Did you know that eating big servings of fresh fruit and veg, legumes and fibre is linked to a lower risk of heart disease? Yep. According to a bunch of studies, vegan / plant-based diets can be effective at reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Very good stuff. 

Get that glow going  

Looking for that dewy glow? Chasing a clear complexion? Antioxidants can help with that. And you know what’s high in antioxidants? A whole bunch of fruit and veg. We’re talking leafy greens, like spinach and broccoli, all the berries from the berry family and good fats from avocados and nuts. 

Improve your gut

Gut health is v. trendy right now. And there’s good reason for it. Your gut is connected to everything – your skin, your hormones, your body’s ability to detox, your mood. Everything. So maintaining a healthy gut flora is super important. And how does one do this? By maxing out on plants. Obviously.

Stress-free cooking

Does cooking the perfect steak kinda freak you out? ME TOO. Do you quake at the thought of roasting a chook? SAME. Know what style of cooking isn’t stressful? Frozen plant-based meals, that’s what. The smarties over at Ruffie are doing delicious things with seasonal produce, and their hearty dishes (I’m talking Mushroom Risotto, I’m talking Chickenless Schnitzel with Penne Pomodoro) only take a couple of minutes to heat up meaning you can stress less. Winner winner, Ruffie for dinner.

Is the proof in the plant-based pudding? We think so.

Image: YouTube / Salad Fingers