We’re all prepped for the possible mild side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines: sore arm, headache, being sweaty. But one influencer is claiming the Pfizer jab’s left her with constantly “on” nipples, in an incredible side effect power move.

An influencer called Tee Jay (aka @wippa_snippa on Insta and TikTok) posted a Reel talking about her nipples, which she linked back to her Pfizer vaccine.

“I’ve worked out that I had the double vaccination and I had Pfizer, and ever since then my headlights have been on,” she said.

“40 degree days? Headlights on. Walking around the supermarket? Headlights on.”

By the way, I’ve never heard of ~erect~ nipples (sorry) being referred to as “headlights”, but I fucking love it.

A few people in the comments agreed, with one writing: “Aha actually now you point this out. I have noticed it as well.”

There were also many, many horny men in the comments section showing their, uh, appreciation for her “high beams”, because horny men on Instagram will never rest.

As one commentator pointed out though, the nipple situation could be the result of swollen lymph nodes, which has been reported as a possible side effect of the vaccine.

According to The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), swollen lymph nodes are also one of the more common side effects after getting your booster jab.

Plus, who can forget when all the folks on TikTok were talking about the Pfizer vaccine giving them a free (if temporary) boob job?

Science mag Nautilus explained the reason for the Pfizer Perkies, as I’ve formally dubbed them.

“The mRNA vaccines deliver a small amount of genetic code to instruct cells how to replicate the virus’ surface protein ‘spike’, which in turn activates the immune system,” the mag explained.

“Lymph nodes contain B-cells that use this information to generate antibodies in response to a foreign entity.

“The buildup of antibodies in the lymph nodes may result in them becoming enlarged. This can lead to breasts feeling larger for a short time following a COVID vaccine, but it is not cause for undue concern.”

So look, the highbeam nipple situation is likely just an extension of lymph node swelling, and now I personally will be keeping a keen eye on my own nips in the name of research.

Perhaps we’re also all just horny for science. Remember, there’s nothing sexier than being fully vaccinated.

Image: Instagram / @wippa_snippa