People Who Wear Gym Gear Frikkin’ Everywhere Had This Parody Video Coming

If you’re responsible for taking the active out of activewear by rocking lycra on a daily basis like it ain’t no thang – even though you’re not actually exercising, and have no intention to – the joke’s on you today. 
AUS/NZ all-female comedy troupe Skit Box have just dropped a parody video taking aim at the curious behaviour of said peoples – mostly women, in this case – who wear activewear to do non-active things, like grabbing a coffee or smoking on the street.
Other activewear-inappropriate activities the video pokes fun at include:
  • Buying groceries
  • Going to the movies
  • Getting a manicure
  • Showing off your baby
  • Drinking coke zero
  • Waiting for the bus
  • Buying more activewear
  • Being hungover
  • Never exercising
  • And, doing literally nothing
Here’s the colourful video in its entirety: enjoy it in your activewear, which you’re probably wearing rn:

NB: We respect and appreciate how comfy gym gear is – and a Sunday arvo calls for nothing more – but 24/7 wear?
The Skit Box girls also have a brand new half hour pilot that they’ve got up on iView as part of ABC Fresh Blood – head HERE to watch more. 
Video and lead image via YouTube.