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Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. We’ve all at some point drank one too many margaritas and had our hair held back by slightly disgusted, albeit loving, friends. We’ve all sent texts to people we really, really shouldn’t, probably asked the DJ if they can play Daryl Braithwaite, and inevitably woken up with a mouth more dusty than the Sahara desert.

And a hangover isn’t even the worst part. Regularly getting overexcited with booze can have some pretty serious impacts on our bodies. It can cause trouble for your liver, affect your mental health and even light drinking has been tied to the scary, big C.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, guys. While it may come as a surprise to some of you, alcohol really can be drunk without going full blackout. If you’re wanting to partake in a few frothies without the dreaded hangxiety that follows, below are a few drinking regulations to keep in mind:

Say hell no to rounds (and shots)

Going in on a round might make you feel like you’re saving money, but lol, you’re not. It’s really just a yellow brick road to messy town, and the royal throne there is made of porcelain. Saying no to a round allows you to drink at your own pace, rather than keeping up with your mates who like to chug for fun. And let’s not even start on shots. There has never been a night of shots that has ended well. Period. 

Get some grub into ya

The key to avoiding a drinking disaster is simple: eat food. It’s age-old advice, proven time and time again, and yet just last weekend I filled my belly with lager instead of mum’s lasagna and lived to regret my life decisions. It’s not hard, folks. In fact, it’s bloody essential. Food keeps alcohol in the stomach for longer, giving it more time to be processed, so you need to eat at every stage. I’m talking a full breaky with the lot in the morning, followed by complex carbohydrates at lunch and something hearty and healthy (pub steak and mash, anyone?) for dinner. Do your body a favour and chow down. 

Drink the water

According to science, alcohol is a pretty efficient diuretic (meaning it’s gonna make you whizz alot). It also blocks the release of a hormone that is needed for water reabsorption, meaning the kidneys aren’t able to do their job as well. So to avoid dehydration and all the nasties that come with it – extra bad hangover, headache, nausea – alternate your G&T’s with a glass of that great life-giving source.  If you stay hydrated, you won’t feel so much pain the next day.

Stay chill

There is perhaps no better motivation for an afternoon of drinking than a sunday with stellar weather. Especially here in Australia, once the sun is out the only place you’d rather be is at the pub beer garden sinking a few with mates, right? Right. We love day drinking. But unlike pies and sauce, heat and booze are a pretty bad combo. Alcohol raises your blood pressure and puts you at a higher risk of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. So just try and stay cool, friends.

Make a plan

If you’ve got things to do tomorrow, you’re less likely to get caught up in alcohol-related festivities tonight. Get it? Make a date with yourself for the following morning that will get you out of bed feeling fresh. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to keep things in moderation – is your motivation a trip to the beach? A long brunch? Hanging out with dogs that aren’t yours at the park? Personally, my motivation is more like pancakes than spin class, but whatever works for you beb.  

Basically, just use your noggin’ and have a good, safe time. But if you’re really worried about going south, speak to a mate about it. That’s what they’re there for – to have your back (and count your drinks).

You know who also has your back? QLD Health. Before you go out on your next big bevving adventure consider checking their do’s and dont’s. They’ve also got some very handy mental health resources. Because caring for your mental wellbeing is cool, kids. Everyone is doing it.

Lastly, we want everyone to rip a few frothies super responsibly but if you’re worried about your own, or a loved one’s, drinking you can speak to an ADIS counsellor anytime, 24/7, on 1800 177 833. Boom.

Image: Instagram / @chrishemsworth