I Tried A Virtual Skincare Consult ’Cos Lord Knows I’ve Ruined My Face In Iso

While some people have cut bangs or changed hair colour in iso, I experimented with my skin. And by experimented, I mean completely ruined it. In hindsight – not my best decision, but we love a good learning curve. Thankfully, Past Me teed up a virtual skin consultation with ONDA Beauty. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Founded by Larissa Thomson, Sarah Bryden-Brown, and actor Naomi Watts, ONDA is all about clean beauty. Think ethically sourced, clean, non-toxic, and organic products only. In fact, every single product ONDA stocks has been trialled by all three founders. ONDA also flog a slew of skincare treatments, including virtual skincare consultations to cater for people during lockdown. About a month ago ONDA treated me to an online consult, resulting in a custom tailored skincare routine for my mornings and nights. Before the consult, I remember thinking, “eh, my skin isn’t too bad”. And then a week before the consult – a few days after I started trying out this new moisturiser, little dry patches and redness formed. Then I copped a HUGE pimple on the side of my face and – apart from my extra oily t-zone – the rest of my face dried out. Even my chin! Also, breakouts. Not to be completely vain, but I need to fix my face before I go outside and see real people again. The Zoom beauty filter can only take me so far, so I started following the skincare regime ONDA made me.

After you book a skincare consultation, ONDA sends you a form. On it are questions about your skin goals, your skin type, your current routines, and skin concerns. The team obviously take into account allergies and supplement use, but the form really just gives ONDA a general idea of how they can help you. And then we move on to the consult, via Zoom. I got to chat to ONDA’s senior skin therapist Nicole Manning, who asked me questions about my day-to-day and weekly skincare habits. Like what sort of products I use, how often I use them, do I apply masks or not – those sorts of questions. The consult included a lot of me touching my face and asking Nicole if I’m supposed to be exfoliating every night. The answer is a Big No. So my problem areas were over-cleansing and scrubbing, which might’ve explained the super oily bits of my face.

Once I got all my skin concerns and questions out there, the consult came to an end and Nicole got back to me later in the day with a personalised daily skincare regime, complete with product recommendations that could slide in between what I already do. I, uh, don’t do much. But I always wash my face and use Go-To skincare face oil. That’s the least. Sometimes I include different products after an online splurge.

Nicole recommended I use three key products to reach a more balanced and clear face: a cleanser, hyaluronic serum, and deep cleansing mask. She also outlined step-by-step what kind of products I should be using and in what order.

Here’s a snippet of what Nicole sent me:


Cleanse – As mentioned let’s skip out your morning foaming cleanser as this could be a contributing factor to the extra oil flow, rather use a nice warm compress and freshen for the day with just water.

Mist – Sodashi Rose Hydrating mist  – Mist your face liberally with Sodashi Rose mist this will help with product absorption and aid in hydration.

Serum – Hyaluronic Serum – This serum really helps to bind water to the skin perfect to plump and hydrate. The 3 types of hyaluronic in this serum will ensure your skin doesn’t loose moisture throughout the day – especially coming into the cooler months and the need to be in and out of aircon / heating all day.

Oil –  Use your Go-To face oil here

SPF/Moist – Nutrient Day Cream – This multifunctional moisturiser and SPF  will protect your skin throughout the day. Come winter time you can apply an additional moisturiser underneath such as your Vintners.

I think it’s important to note that ONDA aren’t screaming at you to buy these specific products. It’s a recommendation that you can take onboard as much as you want. The main point of the consultation is to identify problem areas and then, how to fix it. Nicole was super kind to send me some products to try, including the organic Dr Alkaitis Organic Facial Cleanser and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical serum. Combine these with the mist and day cream I already had and I had everything I really needed.

So what were my results? Well, I didn’t see physical changes overnight obviously, but my skin did feel cleaner and lighter. It might be a combo of the serum and the face oil or the fact that I was no longer picking at pimples, but my skin genuinely felt better. After just four days, I noticed I wasn’t feeling like the ends of two extremes anymore. Sections of my face were still dry, don’t get me wrong – but not as dry as before. No more redness either. I’m on track, baby!

ONDA’s virtual skincare consult, which goes for about 20 minutes, costs $30. Alternatively, you can visit the team at their brick and mortar studio in Paddington, Sydney once the related lockdown laws lift and you’re comfortable to step outside again. You can book yourself an online consult right HERE.